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RMU’s tax experts provide tax advice and assistance. They draft opinions and studies on individuals’ tax matters and, at the same time, provide sophisticated tools for planning and optimising clients’ personal positions.

Particular focus is placed on tax aspects related to the ownership of assets and their transfer, with due regard to the use of financial and insurance products.

Given the nature of such clients, RMU’s members are often called upon to assess, also from a tax perspective, incentive plans for employees, key managers and directors(stock options,, call warrants,participatory financial instruments, shares or stakes with enhanced asset rights).

RMU also helps clients to identify and verify their personal tax residence, based on the provisions of the TUIR and conventional rules, as well as to fulfil the obligations arising from the so-called “tax monitoring” of investments abroad (RW) and to apply taxes on the value of real estate and financial assets located abroad.

Corporate taxes

T he firm assists its client companies on tax matters related to ordinary management and for turnaround strategies. In particular, RMU’s experts have the necessary skills to deal with the most complex tax issues, i.e. direct taxation, of both entities that file financial statements according to national accounting standards and those that adopt IAS/IFRS.

Thanks to their consolidated experience in special corporate transactions, RMU’s professionals advise clients on strategic and re-organisational decisions for tax planning procedures and corporate structures, including complex ones, as well as on the possible of obtaining tax benefits granted under the current regulatory system.

The firm’s professionals also boast in-depth knowledge of VAT and other indirect taxes, both with regard to normal business operations and to the structuring of the most complex domestic and international transactions, including real estate and financial transactions, and as part of group rationalisation processes.