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Legal advice


he firm offers legal advice and assistance in company and commercial law; it helps clients to set-up the best kind of company for the purpose, to establish or acquire companies or businesses, and in merger or spin-off transactions.

We have a long experience in the prevention or management of conflicts between shareholders and/or directors; we conduct due diligence,both pre- and post closingprepare articles of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, sale&purchase agreement (SPAs) and attend board meetings or shareholders’ meetings in order to assist clients directly in the crucial stages of activities.

We carry our company secretary activities for boards of directors’ or shareholders’ meetings, prepare calls to meetings and draft minutes of meetings and resolutions for company record keeping.


Corporate and Contracts


ur members have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting domestic and international commercial agreement. The firm’s approach is characterised by its special vocation for understanding a clients’ business in order to reconcile negotiation risks with expected results and prepare the best contract for the purpose, with a view to maximising the value of each transaction.

Based on the foregoing, we offer pragmatic, flexible and cost-effective bespoke solutions. Our professionals are constantly engaged on behalf of clients in the preparation of general terms and conditions of commercial contracts, commercial agreements, concessions and agency agreements, representation and distribution agreements, co-operation and joint-venture agreements, the implementation of franchise systems, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), tender contracts for works or services, business association agreements (ATIs), licensing agreements and assignment of intellectual property rights. The firm’s clients are supported constantly to ensure their contractual documents comply with current regulations, including from a multi-disciplinary standpoint. Our professionals have specific experience in a wide range of sectors, including life sciences (pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology, medical devices) manufacturing, construction and real estate development and related transactions, food and beverage, renewable energy production,hospitality, luxury goods, security, IT (electronics, information technology, IoT) and motor sports.

General Counseling


n today’s current complex economic context, the more prudent and healthier companies cannot avoid proactively addressing the many legal issues they face every day, all of which require constant monitoring in order to reduce legal (and business) risk.

We are fully aware that even small and medium-sized businesses need to have a lawyer available as a need arises, someone who, thanks to their knowledge of the company’s specific business dynamics, can provide prompt legal advice on day-to-day business issues, thereby saving time, money and resources, and preventing potential risks arising in the future.

Our lawyers have developed a corporate culture and, of course, deep legal knowledge of corporate matters. They can work on site at a client’s office, thereby developing direct knowledge of the client’s business and fostering a trust relationship with key people in order to anticipate and prevent legal issues, mitigate and manage risks and eliminate any obstacles in a client’s growth path.

As such, we can provide our clients with a wide range of legal services on contractual, corporate and compliance matters that meet the specific requirements of the client company’s needs, thus we act as a focal point for all legal issues thanks to our inside knowledge of the client company.

Generational shift


The protection of a family business’s assets over time is a primary goal. In this context, generational shift, albeit physiological, can be a critical moment in a company’s life and its management requires the help of various kinds of professional to tackle it.

They help to identify the solutions that best suit the needs and characteristics of the assets and the family using all the legal instruments available, such as trusts, family holding companies, trust management organisation, family pacts, last will and testimony planning, etc. etc.