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Strategy & Corporate consulting


MU provides assistance in all stages of start-ups, including the most innovative ones, from the incorporation of the vehicle to the verification of the requirements for obtaining corporate and tax benefits, to the management of administrative profiles, as well as governance and shareholders’ equity rights.

The firm also supports clients by providing them with the necessary tools for the preparation of planning documents (budgets and business plans) and prospectuses, all of which are useful and/or essential for the new business project and to raise equity capital, whether venture capital or debt.

Likewise, the firm’s law and tax experts advise clients on the implementation of remunerative and incentive instruments for employees, consultants and directors of start-ups, such as the direct assignment of participative financial instruments, the allocation of rights to subscribe to or the purchase of company shares (stock options) and/or the direct assignment of company shares.


Wealth Management


MU, thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of its founding members, as well as its professional partners, who are among the most qualified in the field, RMU supports its clients to draft and organise personal wealth plans with the aim of preserving them and transfer them to future generations, with due regard to possible and legitimate tax savings.

Having analysed the structure and composition of personal wealth, RMU’s professionals can then provide family-run businesses with efficient asset protection advice and family planning and generational transition solutions using the legal, corporate, financial and insurance tools deemed most suitable to achieve clients’ goals (estate funds, trusts, holding companies, family pacts, donations, contributions, insurance policies, wills, etc.).

The special expertise of some of the firm’s founding partners in extraordinary transactions, as well as equity & asset valuation, means RMU can also work closely with clients in the preliminary phase of business and tax reorganisation of company assets, which is often necessary in order to ease generational transition, based on the wishes of the entrepreneur and on the scheme our experts deem the most efficient.