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Accounting & Reporting Advisory


hanks to the high technical skills of its professionals, who have been auditors for more than a decade, RMU supports its clients in understanding and implementing accounting standards, both national and international, including, where required, the preparation of accounting memos and accounting opinions. We also assess the financial and accounting effects of transactions clients have carried out, including non- recurring and complex transactions, and advise on M&A operations. We prepare reporting documents (annual and consolidated financial statements in compliance with national and international accounting standards, infra-annual financial statements, and other types of reporting documents) and provide information and documents for company presentations in order to obtain the correct valuation of the investment. The information and documents are also the basis for the assessment of business activities in general.

RMU supports clients in the complex process of converting their financial statements from local accounting standards to IFRS (“First Time Adoption”) by following a project approach consisting of three main phases: assessment of the company’s business and extrapolation of the information deemed most relevant for application of the new accounting standards; identification and quantification of the impacts of the conversion to the new set of accounting standards, with involvement of the various business departments in order to enact any organisational changes; ongoing support during application of the new accounting standards. Preparation of the first set of financial statements based on the new standards.


Business planning


hanks to their multidisciplinary know-how, RMU’s team of professionals supports clients in the implementation and use of the typical tools of business planning and programming, such as budgets and business plans, in every stage of the business activity, whether ordinary or non-ordinary, including in the start-up phase and in turnaround processes.

Indeed, the business plan is an essential business tool for assessing and measuring the sustainability, economics, equity and financials of managements’ strategic decisions and plans for both business development and, possibly, company turnarounds.

RMU provides clients, including private equity firms, with qualified assistance in preparing a business plan – i.e. the tool for the application of specific methods to valuate companies, holdings and intangible business assets – or to assess the sustainability of financial debt in leveraged buyout transactions, an assessment which, in some cases, RMU’s professionals are called upon to draft as independent experts appointed by the Milan courts of law.

Business valuation


MU’s consultants boast high technical skills in valuing companies, corporate holdings and certain business assets, including intangible assets, which, given the professional area in which the firm recurrently operates, can be placed into the broader context of mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganisation, structuring of extraordinary transactions, family-run company reorganisation or purchase price allocation in the financial statements and consolidated financial statements.

The members of the firm are called on to carry out assessments for tax purposes, for example in compliance with the various laws governing revaluation of shares and business assets, as well as to support, even pre-emptively, company valuation decisions before the tax authorities.

We are awarded prestigious assignments by the Milan courts of law as we are included on the lists of experts that are qualified to prepare adequacy opinions and the sort of estimates required by national regulations, such as opinions on the accuracy of the exchange ratio in merger and spin-off transactions and estimates of the value of companies or business branches and share transfer deals (when required by applicable law).